Back in 2010, we had been working hard on an iPhone App to track the Food Trucks in Calgary, but at the time the organization we tried to work with decided to take a different route, so YYC Food was born.  We started with our own iPhone App – iFind Food Trucks, which became the leading Food Truck Finder in Calgary.

Along the way, we connected we a number of the food trucks, but one truck stood out from them all at the time and that was Chef Mario’s Pizza truck.  As you know, Chef Mario was Calgary’s Food Truck Pioneer.  Chef Mario had a few trucks and inspired many others to start their own food trucks.  Now he focuses on his Burger 320.  With prairie roots and Italian heritage, their fresh-baked branded buns, hand-trimmed Alberta brisket, potatoes cut to order are purely authentic. What else goes well with a great burger and fries, their hand spun organic shakes – Simply delicious.

Chef Mario has too many awards too mention, so check them all out at his Press Office.

YYC Food does not own any trucks and are here to support getting Calgary’s food trucks booked for all the various events in and around Calgary.